College Tours

USC Upward Bound understands that college campus visits can be instrumental in helping students to choose a college or university. College tours provide students with first-hand knowledge by allowing them to ask questions, meet students and staff, visit classrooms, and tour the campus. Upward Bound provides exposure to college campuses for free throughout the year. 

Fall Tours

Every fall, Upward Bound offers college tours to provide an opportunity for students to visit various college campuses in Southern California. Tour visits range from Santa Barbara to San Diego. As part of these tours, students have an opportunity to experience and compare college environments, programs, and services. These tours can be single day trips or overnight trips.

Spring College Tours

During Spring Break, UB students have the opportunity to visit colleges in Central and Northern California. As part of these trips, students have an opportunity to spend a week on the road to visit a series of colleges and universities across California. The goal is to provide students with firsthand experience to college and university campuses, classes, services, and amenities. Moreover, students will become familiar with schools outside of the Southern California area.

Summer College Tours

After a 6-week, summer program hosted by USC, UB students have the opportunity to visit colleges outside of California. Previous tours have gone as far east as Arizona and Nevada and as far north as Seattle, Washington. These weeklong college tours are designed to give students exposure to colleges and universities outside of California. 

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