Upward Bound- Policies

Academic Integrity

Upward Bound hopes to push all our students excel and achieve more than they thought possible. But to do this, we believe that academic honesty is key since it helps us identify which areas a student may most need help in.

This being said, we expect all of our students to follow the guidelines of academic honesty outlined by the university. This means submitting work that was originally produced by the student, and was not collaborated on, by other individuals. It also means giving credit to all sources used in the production of their work, and remaining truthful during all examinations


Campus Boundaries

During their participation in the Upward Bound programs, students will have access to USC’s University Park Campus. However, because of safety measures, our staff will ask students to always remain within visible distance and refrain from wandering off on their own.



We require guardians to provide the student’s medical history and fill out a consent form that gives USC permission to seek medical aid in case of an emergency. The individuals listed on the emergency contact form will be contacted.

If a student is on campus and is in a life-threatening situation, they should call DPS at 213-740-4321. They will typically respond faster than 911.


Program Dismissal

UB is committed to provide an educational setting that is safe & secure. The following may provide grounds for expulsion: 

-Possession of firearms, knives, firecrackers, gunpowder, and other explosive materials

-Possession of control substances such as illegal drugs and/or alcohol

-Verbal or physical harassment of residential staff/students and or faculty after initial warning

-Leaving the USC campus or residential facility without permission (Stay In Bounds)

-Involvement in a physical altercation


-Vandalism or tagging on university property 

-Inappropriate behavior with other students 

-Breaking 11:00 p.m. curfew

-Intentions of physically harming another student or staff

-Being present in unauthorized area.  For examples:  opposite sex dorm area

If a student is expelled from the program, they will receive NO credit for the courses they have taken and be asked to leave immediately.

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